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Ready to partner?!?! Having your logo proudly displayed here in not the ONLY reason to get involved, you will also get the warm and fuzzy feeling that only working with youth can give!

Are you excited yet about the awesome things happening at Napa Valley Unified School District?!?! Sign up to be a partner!!! Business partners can participate at many commitment levels. We appreciate your industry expertise, and understand your time is limited. We work closely with our school sites and district programs, and can offer participation levels ranging from bi annual advisory committee meetings, to in depth 8-12 week mentorships with students. If you don’t know where you might fit in, reach out using the contact form below and we will work with you to find a fit that works best for your organization.

The students in NVUSD schools are your future workforce; any involvement you can give them will ultimately help your own organization and the community as a whole

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Short-term career exploration experiences where students take part in employer led tours of worksites. The tour includes information on aspects of the industry, work processes, and academic/technical skills required at the worksite.
An in depth work experience for students who desires to explore and participate in a career field or occupation. The length of the internship is 8-12 weeks long and consists of a minimum of 60 hours. This experience generally takes place during the 11th and/or 12th grades and is designed to show students what a career is like BEFORE they make college or postsecondary training decisions.
Professional development at a business location allowing teachers to learn the most up-to-date workplace practices, skills and technologies used in industry and provides an “on-the-ground” understanding of the academic skills and technical competencies required of a specific career field.

Teachers learn about trends, career opportunities, and skill requirements in industries related to their content area or pathway focus and are then able to bring real examples about the kind of teamwork, planning, decision-making, problem solving, communication and creativity used in the workplace back to their classrooms.

A short term career exploration option where students learn about a job by shadowing a worker. A Job Shadow is a temporary, unpaid exposure to the workplace in an occupational area of interest to the student. Students witness the work environment, see employability and occupational skills in practice, and understand the value of professional training and potential career options. Almost any workplace is a potential job shadowing site.
An advisory panel of subject matter experts for the purpose of ensuring high quality Career Technical Education programs. Advisory committees are made up of employers and employees who advise on the design, development, implementation, evaluation, maintenance, and revision of CTE programs and other career readiness programs and experiences. Each advisory committee is made up of individuals with experience and expertise in the occupational field that the program serves. These committees meet between 2-4 times per year- we need you to make our programs relevant and GREAT!
Employers can participate in classroom lessons, be classroom speakers, serve as mentors or with teachers to develop relevant and real world projects. Business representatives can provide students with an overview of their companies, education requirements within their industries and give advice about how to get there. This might be anything from a brown bag lunch hour, participation in a school career day, or working one on one with teachers on a more formal project through our partnership with NapaLearns Partners for Projects program.
Students will meet with employers to obtain feedback on their interview skills. Mock interviews allow students to practice articulating their strengths, improve their speaking skills and gain valuable feedback from hiring professionals before a job or internship interview.
Napa Valley Unified School District coordinates and hosts career fairs for students. These are ideal events for sharing information on careers and job opportunities, while targeting a diverse applicant pool. Employers are encouraged to set up a hands-on activity for students to explore during the event.
We seek to develop relationships with employers who can offer entry level jobs in a career field of interest for a student. For example, a student interested in law can get a lot of benefit out of a position in a law office as a file clerk. By using our student job board, you can connect your business to professional students with a resume and the drive to gain experience in a relevant career.
NVUSD programs are always accepting of materials and monetary donations. Examples include paper, ink, metal scraps, tools, wood, culinary utensils and more! We will also accept your tax deductible donation through the Napa Education Foundation who will provide you with a receipt for accounting purposes. All monetary donations will go to NVUSD career readiness programs to support students graduating college and career ready!

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